Women and our love for handbags

Let us start by saying, us women like to look good and feel good.
Some women I know would even save up for months to get that Louis V. bag in their closet. Why? Because bags are a statement, the more expensive, the better. It shows your status. Not only do bags hold all your personal belongings, but are a part of you, your style, your uniqueness and your femininity.
Bags come in all different sizes, shapes, colours and materials, in order to suit every womans style and preference. Be it for work or just going out, basically on every ocassion we need to put our stuff somewhere – and we have quite a lot (sunglasses, make-up, parfume, deo, wallet, keys, ladies stuff etc etc)
I myself have always had a thing for bags with straps – they are practical and stylish, your hands are free and you only take what you really need with you. But if I need something for the night, I would go with a clutch, always very elegant. Maybe a clutch that you can adjust a strap on to if you need to dance somewhere…
To be honest, now as a mother, I consider something like a Gucci Pelham or a Louis Vuitton Galliera ofcourse pre-owned. These bags are spacious and fit more than just a cell-phone, a key and some make-up. And we can still keep it stylish without spending all our money, like the gurls I know! Bagpacks are also becoming my favourite, but that is a topic for itself.
As a woman, you always carry some type of handbag, you kind of feel naked without one.