This summer is Prada

Prada is a famous Italian luxury brand known for its timeless and sophisticated designer items.  Be it for women or for men, Prada speaks elegance and creativity all the way. The high class luxury brand started off as a leather goods company in 1913 in Milan, where two brothers Mario and Martino sold animal goods, bags, travel bags and steamers. Later the company transformed to be one of the most popular and influential fashion brands in Italy and around the world. Some of its well-established brands are Miu Miu, Church’s and other smaller brands.

I would like to dedicate this summer to Prada. During my short vacation in Tuscany, I realized how beautiful not only the Italian landscape is but also the food, wine and the Italian fashion. A Prada handbag never gets out of fashion and can always be combined with flats, high heels, biker boots, sandals, you name it. Anything goes with a beautiful high quality handbag on your arm.

The soft saffiano leather, with its special design can only be found at Prada. Their bags are effortless and unique. A summer with Prada makes it the same – effortless and unique!